#StoreyTeller Beth on Treating Yourself and Being a Conscious Consumer

Meet Beth - a travel-loving, social butterfly, and enthusiastic thrifter!  She also happens to be an artist and StoreyLine's amazing brand manager!

Originally hailing from Michigan, this Southern California transplant is living her best life by the beach.  Working with and shopping at StoreyLine has equipped her with the knowledge that there are brands out there that value what she values.  When she’s shopping our amazing StoreyLine brands, she specifically looks for items that are ethically made by a female founder - bonus points if they’re made in the USA!

She's created an epic collection so you can treat yourself before diving into holiday shopping!  But also, getting stuff crossed off that to-do list early is a form of radical self-care; so feel free to do some of your holiday shopping from the Treat Yourself collection too!

Click here to shop the Treat Yourself Collection!

"I realized being a conscious consumer was important when I realized the benefits of thrifting and the harmfulness of fast fashion. I have always thrifted but when I realized that brands were actively trying to make a difference in the world by being sustainable existed- everything changed for the better. My journey has been easy in terms of fashion because of thrifting. I think my process with beauty products and lifestyle has been gradual based on brands I find."

- #StoreyTeller Beth

October 24, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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