#StoreyTeller Minette Speaks Out on Her Relaxation Collection and Sustainability Practices.

Meet Minette - a thoughtful and passionate entrepreneur!  She’s StoreyLine’s founder and works hard to elevate under-represented businesses so consumers can shop with their values and vote with their wallets. 

A Harvard graduate with a penchant for sustainability and social justice movements, Minette first started paying attention to her impact on the environment when she switched from plastic bags to tote bags for carrying her groceries. When she’s shopping on StoreyLine or putting together a collection, Minette likes to look for women and minority-owned brands that take part in environmentally-conscious practices.

She’s carefully curated a collection of soothing products from women and minority owned brands that’ll help you rest and relax after a long day. Whether it’s putting on a pair of Dooeys’ comfy loafers or lighting up Modern Theory’s zodiac candle, creating a tranquil environment in your own home will help get you out of work mode and into self-care mode!

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"It was a slow and steady journey to adopt more environmentally-conscious practices, but it was more or a light-bulb moment to buy from more minority and women-owned brands. Buying from women and minority-owned businesses was a more drastic change for me. StoreyLine has made that journey a lot easier; I know that I can filter products by different values and that I can trust the platform."

- #StoreyTeller Minette

October 30, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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