Ananday Travel Mat

Say hello to the ultimate travel companion! Ananday's Travel Mat is lightweight, portable, supportive, and non-slip so you can practice anywhere. 

For over 2 years they've been designing, testing, and re-testing this mat for vinyasa classes, ashtanga, hot yoga, yin, pilates, and more. The unique interwoven jute adds a layer of support and incredible traction (no slipping anywhere on this mat!) and prevents the natural tree rubber from crumbling.


  • 72" x 24" x 2mm | 2.5 lbs
  • renewable jute + natural tree rubber
  • natural, non-toxic, plastic-free
  • interwoven jute for superior grip + durability
  • non-slip and sweat resistant 
  • foldable for ultimate portability
  • 100% biodegradable (including the packaging)
  • 10 trees were planted for every mat
  • carbon-neutral + planet kind

Why jute and natural tree rubber?

  • Natural tree rubber is a renewable resource, tapped from a single tree over 30-40 years. 
  • Rubber trees capture, store, and reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • Jute is one of the world's most eco-friendly fabrics. It returns nutrients to the soil and doesn't require any chemical fertilizers/pesticides to grow — only water and sunshine!
  • Practicing on materials from the earth is grounding. Our hands and feet have marma points or energy pathways. Practicing barefoot (and barehand) connects us with the planet's subtle energy. Grounding balances biological rhythms calms the nervous system and helps our body heal. It's nature doing its thing. Yes, please.


  • To store, roll loosely or fold.
  • To clean, spray with a gentle mat cleaner. Lay flat or hang to dry.
  • Clean your mat weekly, or as needed.

End of life

  • Jute and tree rubber is 100% biodegradable.
  • When you're ready to part ways with your mat, donate to an organization or your local recycling center.

Sustainable, plastic-free yoga tools that are safe for you and for planet Earth.

Introducing Ananday 

Ananday is a woman-owned brand that makes yoga tools that are plastic-free, carbon-neutral and eco-friendly. With Ananday, you can practice yoga with the confidence that you are not causing any harm to the environment.

Values & Social Impact

Ananday aims to make the experience of practicing yoga as sustainable and safe as possible—both for you and for planet Earth. All of the brand’s products and packaging are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. To curb the effects of climate change, Ananday plants trees for every piece sold and donates to relief organizations for natural disasters.

About the founder

Founder Ksenia Voropaeva started Ananday after realizing there was a serious Greenwashing problem in the yoga tool market. She vowed to create a truly sustainable brand for yoga mats and accessories that would actually promote the non-harming philosophy that yoga embodies.