Flaunt Body Ingrown Hair Mask

Our main story today is about Cameron Moore, the founder of FLAUNT BODY. They make vegan, gender-neutral personal grooming and body care products that are versatile, effortless, and effective. They've been featured in British Vogue, Well + Good, NY Magazine, and more. Cameron, take us from here.

 Flaunt Body ingrown hair mask


A few years ago, I had a bad shaving experience; I went to a coworker's party and somehow ended up on the topic of shaving (because that's what you talk about at a coworker's party).

It was a diverse group of women, and we all had the same horrible shaving stories.

As young professionals, we admitted that keeping appointments at wax salons was difficult with busy schedules, so we managed hair removal at home. 

During that conversation, a lightbulb went off in my head.

Because I have sensitive skin, I'm used to making skin care products that address my needs, and I knew the benefits of masking, specifically bio-cellulose.

Immediately I created a prototype in my kitchen - I soaked rice paper in a proprietary serum that contained hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, lavender, and other ingredients.

I tested the prototype on friends & family before finding an international manufacturing partner.

That's how I got started.



I didn’t want to create a gender-specific product because I want to tackle skin concerns that aren't always addressed; I want to create an inclusive solution.

More men are now shaving below the neck, but there aren't many after-care products that serve men who shave more than just the face.

Our products also work well for individuals who are going through gender transitions. We include and embrace this community because few products in the market address their needs and concerns.



Finding the right mix of marketing is the biggest challenge for us. With a unique and first of its kind product in terms of application for post hair removal, it took us some time to find the heartbeat of our brand. We've finally hit our stride.

The key was to carve out a niche market, and we did that with our gender-inclusive positioning that solves the needs of specific skin concerns of our customers.

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October 28, 2020 — Minette Yu
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