The Nike of Wellness - Future of CBD Wellness

Our main story today is about Kevin Moran and his company, beam, that creates the highest quality THC-free CBD products for a wellness-minded community.

Kevin, take us from here!

Why I started beam

My co-founder, Matt, and I are active guys. We did crossfit competitions, ironman, marathons, and we were former professional athletes. As we started pushing our bodies and minds to the brink, the aches and pains from that lifestyle started taking a toll.

So we started searching for a remedy. We wanted something that met our personal wellness standards, but the process of finding a product that was all-natural and transparent about ingredients was frustrating. We asked our friends and family about their needs, and it became clear that we had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start a meaningful business.

How is beam different

There’s definitely CBD fatigue in the space. From early on, we knew that innovation would be the key for us. 

We are highly intentional in creating highly efficacious products that actually improve people’s lives, so you’ll never see us doing dog treats or bath bombs. So we have our own process of sourcing and manufacturing that makes sure the products meet our standards. 

Also we stack our products with other functional ingredients like black pepper and turmeric, to create more efficacious products. Those ingredients also make the products taste really good. 

New products we are launching

The new Beam 4 was born out of customer feedback on how they use beam and CBD products. We created 4 main categories that can clarify to customers what they can use wellness products for, which are Sleep, Recovery, Performance, and Balance. In the future, we’ll have non-CBD products in those categories. 

We are a wellness company, not a CBD company.

October 15, 2020 — Minette Yu

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