A Corporate Gifting Guide: When to Gift & What to Give

When the daunting phrase “corporate gifting'' comes to mind, the first thought you’re likely to have is of the obligatory holiday gifts that usually include a tacky plastic water bottle or t-shirt with a sizable company logo slapped on it. Unfortunately, repetitive and impersonal gifts such as those tend to be the ones that are ultimately destined to be donated to live out the rest of its life on the shelf of a thrift store. However, corporate gifting shouldn’t have to be so bland or only imperative around the holidays. Gifts for your staff should be unique and vibrant and make them feel like they are an asset to the team.

StoreyLine offers an extensive line of high-quality personalized gifts for employees that they are bound to love and positively impact the environment and small businesses. Dive into this complete guide to corporate gifting, and we will help navigate you through all the essential details, including when is the right time to give a gift, who can provide a gift, and what type of gifts will complement an occasion best! 

When Should You Give a Gift? 

Finding ideal gifts for your team shouldn't be a looming stressor that emerges only during the already taxing holiday season. Instead, giftingWelcome should be a frequent and enjoyable experience, leaving both parties feeling a sense of appreciation and adoration. Giving a gift shows your workforce you value the hard work they contributed and want to reward them for reaching new turning points. Some exceptional times to give employee appreciation gifts include welcoming a new team member, a work anniversary, special holidays, employee birthdays, company milestones such as ten years in business, employee care packages, and celebrating new moms and dads. All of these occasions offer a chance to show those committed to your business that you are dedicated to them as individuals! 

Who Can Gift?

Contrary to the standard procedures associated with corporate gifting, you do not have to be the company’s top executive to give a corporate gift. Gifting can–and should–transpire throughout an entire company. Employees can send a gift to their supervisor, coworkers can send gifts to other coworkers, or people who have previously received a gift can now become gifters themselves. You can also use StoreyLine to purchase a high-quality personal gift for a family member or loved one. Anyone mindful of how their money is spent and picky about which companies they support should use StoreyLine to help curate their gifting needs! 

What Should You Gift? 

Gifts for office staff should never be a one-size-fits-all type situation. Gifts that truly make an impact are the ones that are thoughtfully curated to match someone's personality and demonstrate that there is a level of awareness of what that person enjoys. StoreyLine’s wide variety of diverse founders and brands look to challenge the status quo and create phenomenal products while doing so. Our all-encompassing catalog has a product for nearly every occasion and budget and caters to a wide variety of varying interests. In addition, we have compiled a list of creative employee gifts that will perfectly accompany many special events to spark some gifting inspiration! 

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be a restless and challenging experience. New parents need support getting some much-needed rest and relaxation, help them unwind and support their immune system with some of our calming herbal Anxiety and Stress Support Tea, or give them an unforgettable at-home spa experience with the help of our Spa Gift Set, which includes bath salts, a headache relief roller, shower spray, and pillow mist!

COVID-19 has brought a series of unprecedented times’ into this world, making it increasingly easy to feel a lingering sense of fear or negativity in your everyday life. Self-care is a wildly essential part of staying positive and on top of your personal health and wellness during these difficult times. Give your employees a chance to relax and genuinely care for themselves by gifting an employee care package with items such as our Kick It, Cold aroma stick to help fight off any unwanted ailments or the VIP Kit designed to help you look better and feel healthier with products made from all plant-based products including an energy scrub, shaving oil, a face balm and face wash. 

Advancing to a higher position within a company yields a lot of excitement and a load of new responsibilities. Show that person you are proud of their hard work and dedication to the company by giving them a celebratory gift such as a fancy Whiskey Set equipped with four glasses and whiskey stones or a hand-crafted genuine cowhide Leather Wallet for a stylish new look. 

Birthdays are a fantastic time to show your team members how much you value them through gifting. Don’t just give them another cheesy card; use StoreyLine to find them something they’re going to appreciate and make use of. If you know they're an avid foodie, give them a gorgeous and sustainable Copper Cutting Board or a chic Salad Set. If they want to enhance their mind and body wellness, give them this amazing Cork Yoga Mat Bundle or this therapeutic Massage Treatment Oil. A new Clutch or Tote Bag may be the perfect piece to add to the closet of the Office Trendsetter. 

Joining a new company can often be a frightful experience. So allow your new hires to feel right at home by giving them a welcome gift with items such as a sensationally scented Hand-poured candle or a Snow Quartz crystal to help facilitate mental clarity and alertness. Whatever the occasion may be, StoreyLine has unique items geared towards every personality type in your workplace! 

How StoreyLine Finds You The Perfect Gift! 

If you’re finally ready to ditch the old and outdated Starbucks card and keychain methods of corporate gifting, let StoreyLine lead the way! StoreyLine’s assortment of practical, thoughtful, and unique gifts are hassle-free and perfect for a wide array of occasions and budgets. Beginning the journey to better gifting with StoreyLine requires only a few simple steps from you, then we will take the reins and handle the rest. First, fill out a quick questionnaire to let StoreyLine know some critical components of your gift needs, such as the gift size and the occasion.

Next, our team will send you a list of hand-chosen gift suggestions based on your budget and the nature of your event. Once your gifts are selected, the last thing the StoreyLine team needs is your team members’ names and email addresses, and we will take care of everything from there! StoreyLine takes pride in ensuring that everyone is delighted with the gifts they receive. To guarantee that, we offer the gift recipient the opportunity to swap out the item they were gifted for another product that better suits their needs.

The StoreyLine gifting process takes the guesswork out of gifting and provides an overall sense of happiness in everyone, from employers to employees. 

Here at StoreyLine, we hold a high set of standards for the founders and gifts we provide. We’ve done our research and make sure that StoreyLine is committed to selling only the most unique brands with diverse founders who are on a mission to unlock a healthier and happier world. Our partners create products that actively promote diversity and equal opportunity, benefit their community, push research and development for a healthy future, and work to lower their environmental impact. Brands that encourage diversity and equal opportunity do so by promoting gender equality and empowerment by giving access to education are fighting for social justice and Anti-racism.

Companies committed to their community support local artisans and small businesses, give back to their local economies, and advocate for fair wages and proper working conditions. To advocate for a healthier future, brands must use clean, natural, or organic ingredients-materials, support mental health initiatives, promote self-care and a positive image, and always encourage transparency.

To lower their environmental impact, companies should be pushing for clean water and sanitation initiatives, using clean energy and offsetting its carbon emissions, working with recyclable material or recycled material, creating meaningful and durable products with material that can last a lifespan, adopting a zero-waste principle, and fighting for climate action and keeping our ecosystem clean. We believe it is essential to choose products that align with your values and beliefs and are good for the body, the soul, and the environment.

StoreyLine is passionate about improving the culture around corporate gifting and making it a more enjoyable experience for all parties. We want to remove the negative connotation attached to corporate gifting and make it a positive, fun, and nearly seamless process that won’t break the bank. So when the next gifting opportunity comes around, don’t settle for that dull and unimaginative company logo hat or gift card, spice up your gifting with StoreyLine, and present personalized and exciting gifts that are guaranteed to blow your hard-working staff away!

February 06, 2022 — StoreyLine General

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