7 AAPI Films & TV Shows to Watch This Month!

It’s no secret that there’s a lack of AAPI representation in films and television shows. Although we’ve seen a growing number of AAPI leads in movies and shows, “only 1.4% of lead motion picture characters and 2% of cable scripted parts are given to Asian American actors” (Wall City Journal). Representation is important for the AAPI community to feel accepted and to show the audience that the stereotypes about AAPI are simply not true. With more AAPI representation in film and television, it will give young AAPI children hope to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Here are 7 amazing films and TV shows with AAPI representation:


Always be my Maybe (Netflix)

Such a staple rom-com for summer time! This light-hearted and fun movie depicts the story of Marcus and Sasha. These two dated in high school, but soon drifted apart as they got older. 15 years later, the two are reconnected by chance and all the old memories come rushing back. The film stars comedian Ali Wong and Randall Park, best known for portraying Louis Huang in ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat. 

Minari (Apple TV, Youtube, Vudu)

This film follows a family from South Korea who moved to Arkansas in the 1980s for the American Dream. Minari shows the challenges the family faced and endured hoping for a better life.

One of the best films in 2020, Minari received several awards and nominations across multiple award shows, including winning the Golden Globe Award for best foreign language film. 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Netflix)

This romantic comedy follows Lara Jean, a high school student, who wrote a box of letters to all her childhood crushes. She never sent them, only wrote them to express her feelings. But, one day - the letters are sent to all her crushes!

Watch as Lara Jean navigates through her love life after a few recipients ask her about the letters. The sequel and third film are also on Netflix, enjoy this lighthearted film series this weekend!

The Farewell (Amazon, Vudu)

After hearing that her grandmother only has weeks to live, a Chinese-American woman returns to China to spend the remaining time with her. However, in order to keep the grandmother’s terminal illness a secret from her, the family tells the grandmother they are visiting for a “wedding.” Grab some tissues and get ready to shed tears for this heartwarming movie!

TV Shows:

Kim’s Convenience (Netflix)

Kim’s Convenience is a hilarious sitcom about a Korean Canadian family that owns a convenience store in Toronto. The show has 4 seasons available on Netflix for you to binge watch and enjoy each character’s development throughout the series. 

Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

Created by the one and only, Mindy Kaling! Never Have I Ever is a coming of age comedy-drama series that follows Devi Vishwakumar, a 15 year-old high school sophomore struggling to deal with her father’s death. You’ll also see Devi juggle her Indian identity, high school, and family relationships.

Fresh Off the Boat (Hulu)

A successful six sitcom revolving around the lives of a Taiwanese-American family in the 1990’s. Inspired by Eddie Huang, an American chef and food personality, the show leads the audience through Eddie Huang’s childhood as a first generation American. Fresh Off the Boat ran successfully for 6 seasons with much love and support from fans throughout the years.

Hope you enjoyed this list of AAPI films and TV shows!  

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May 13, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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