5 Films & TV Shows to Watch During Pride Month

During the month of June, it is key to recognize the struggle that people of the LGBTQ community have endured throughout the years and celebrate the strength and courage they have shown to be themselves. In honor of this amazing month, we have compiled a list of LGBTQ+ movies and television series to educate ourselves in a fun way. 

1. The Half of It (2020)


A coming of age light-hearted romance, it tells the story of a young introverted girl in high school navigating having a crush on her friend's girlfriend. This movie truly shows what self-acceptance and growth look like and will have you smiling at the end. 

2. A Secret Love (2020)


Portraying a secret romance during one of history’s most trying times for the LGBTQ+ community, A Secret Love had us in tears. This documentary tells the true story of Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel's secret love story throughout the years.  

3. State of Pride (2019)

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This short documentary portrays various stories of LGBTQ Americans that explain what pride means to them. Telling stories from Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, these personal tales will open your eyes to different perspectives across the country.

4. Queer Eye (2018) TV Series



A reboot of the famous bravo series, this show has been known for its representation of the LGBTQ community as well as people of color. A reality show that features 5 gay professionals known as “The Fab Five”, giving lifestyle and makeovers to guests. 

5. Workin’ Moms (2018)



A laugh out loud show that features various working moms and how they navigate their jobs while taking care of children. Workin’ Moms incorporates moms from all backgrounds including LGBTQ parents. This show will have you watching all the seasons in a week!

These movies, documentaries and tv shows will open your horizons to new perspectives on life. We encourage you to keep finding shows that represent all walks of life to promote diversity and love for all. To support inclusive products that represent these values, check our our new Pride Collection! Happy Pride Month!


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June 10, 2021 — Minette Yu

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