Tulsi Cinnamon Tea

By Agni

Essential for new mamas or anyone seeking more restful sleep every night.

In this tea, adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, Shatavari, and tulsi support your natural circadian rhythm. Nettle, fennel, and oat straw support sleep, fertility, immune function, and, for nursing moms, breast milk production. Let this tea improve your night’s sleep, even if you sip it in the morning.

Our Cinnamon Tulsi Tea provides you with herbs that support your natural circadian rhythm. It can be soothing and helpful for both waking up and getting peaceful rest, which is why we recommend it for both mornings and nighttime. That said, we find that our customers enjoy a variety of cadences for their tea rituals — from twice a day for tea, lovers to once a day or every other day for others. We recommend enjoying a cup of Tulsi Cinnamon Tea at whatever cadence feels right to you — the key being a regularity.



  • Benefits
    • We combine the best guidance that ancient wisdom and modern science have to offer
    • We source organic, regeneratively grown ingredients that support health for people and the planet
    • We make our treats as nourishing as possible for all people by avoiding allergens and irritants like gluten, dairy, refined sugar, nuts, soy, egg, sugar alcohols, or artificial sweeteners
  • Ingredients
    • For restful sleep, fertility & postpartum recovery: Organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic ashwagandha, organic lemon peel, organic fennel, organic red raspberry leaf, organic marshmallow root, organic oat straw, organic Shatavari, organic nettle, organic tulsi
  • Directions
    • Steep one tea sachet for up to 10 minutes in boiling water.
    • For sleep & fertility: Enjoy 2 cups daily as a part of your morning and evening rituals.
    • For postpartum support: Enjoy 1-3 cups daily whenever you need some peace.
  • Allergens
    • It's always a good idea to consult a practitioner you trust if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before incorporating new herbs into your routine.

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Introducing Agni

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Agni believes that your health is the first priority, which is why the brand collaborates with medical advisors to create their food and drinks. All of its products are made from 100% whole ingredients that are sustainably sourced, and shipped in recyclable & compostable packaging.

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Having struggled with various health issues throughout their lives, founders Astrid and Miriam were frustrated with the lack of helpful resources about healing through nutrition. Thus, they launched Agni and embarked on a mission of not only providing people with foods that are both healing and delicious, but also educating them on nutrition.