Copper Cutting Board

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This beautiful design was a collaborative effort between Adorn + Manfred who leads the organization that creates the brand's olive wood products. All of the olive wood used in Adorn products are from the discarded olive wood tree and the copper handle is made from a recycled A/C unit.

Introducing Adorn

Adorn is a woman-owned brand offering home goods & accessories that are intentionally sourced and ethically produced.

Values & Social Impact

Adorn is passionate about supporting those who are coming out of desperate situations. Many of the makers and artisans that Adorn works with came from under-served communities and have since gained empowerment and stability through their employment at Adorn. 

About the Founder

As a person of faith, founder SaRa Cobb was inspired by the love of Jesus to create Adorn to help people from under-served communities through the production and sales of her home goods & accessories.


  • 3 sizes available - 10", 12", & 13"
  • Made from Olive Wood
  • Recycled Copper Handle
  • Handmade by Syrian Refugees & Turkish Locals in Turkey
  • Due to the nature of being handmade, all products vary in size and shape slightly.

*Purchasing Olive Wood products at Adorn adds beauty to your home while supporting reconciliation work and providing jobs to Syrian refugees & Turkish locals living in Iznik, Turkey.