Italian Olivewood Serving Utensils

Charming in every detail
Accent your kitchen with this set of stunning olivewood utensils, including our Italian Olivewood Soup Ladle, Fork and Spoon. Designed to handle any and all kitchen tasks, these olivewood utensils are carved from a single piece of wood, with the grain running the full length of the tool with a smooth finish and silky feel. Olivewood makes perfect food preparation utensils as it is hard-wearing and has natural, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial properties. Packaged in a beautiful "alla cucina" bag.
  • Crafted from beautifully grained, sustainably sourced Italian olivewood
  • Safe for use with nonstick, glass and porcelain cookware.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Old world charm
  • Versatile, elegant, and built to last.

Ladle - 12'' long
Fork - 13'' long
Spoon - 14'' long
Each piece will vary in size and shape due to the handmade nature.

Hand wash only and dry thoroughly. Occasionally coat with olive oil or mineral oil to keep wood looking its best.

Crafted in Umbria, Italy, our artisan partners create unique pieces made from pure olivewood. The family preserves Italian history by using time-tested, hands-on techniques to craft heirloom-quality pieces as beautiful as they are functional. The famous Italian attention to design shines in every piece.

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