GRILLKILT | Grill Apron | Black

This is the original GRILLKILT in Black. The GRILLKILT has 10 pockets and 5 D-rings to organize and hold your grilling accessories comfortably.  Also included are a grommeted hand towel and 2 carabiners for clipping accessories to the heavy-duty waist belt.

The GRILLKILT has an adjustable belt that can be sized and adjusted up to 58". Rear panels can be removed or added for preferred waist coverage. and Rear fabric panels (included) allow complete waist coverage of up to 46".  For larger waists, and full rear coverage (up to 58" maximum), simply purchase additional panels (sold separately). Length: 20"   

Upgrade your grilling game with the ultimate accessory!

Introducing GRILLKILT

The GRILLKILT is a versatile, 360-degree grilling accessory that’ll make all of your barbecue dreams come true. Specially designed with comfort and functionality in mind, its features include durable fabric and sturdy pockets that can hold all of your essentials! GRILLKILT eliminates the constant back and forth from the grill to the kitchen so you’ll always have everything you need right where you need it. 

Values & Social Impact

GRILLKILT takes pride in being a brand that is developed and made in the USA. Recently, they’ve donated a percentage of their profits to The Global Animal Partnership, an organization that works to improve farm animal welfare. 

About the Founder

Founder Yates Dew spent years misplacing utensils as he went back and forth between the kitchen and the grill. Dew knew that there had to be a better apron out there and when he couldn’t find one, he made one. Dew’s revolutionary GRILLKILT soon became everyone’s go-to grill tool that helps to handle even the hottest of grills.