4" Braided Money Tree Plant + Bachao Planter Basket

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Freshen up your home with this beautifully woven planter. The handwoven basket is sure to set the atmosphere in your home while bringing a touch of nature and purifying the air.

Benefits of Interior Plants? 

Have you noticed how much one plant can do?  You walk into the room and there it is, greeting you with its natural beauty. The benefits of interior plants go far beyond the esthetic. Plants give off oxygen, reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity and clean up airborne dust levels. For other benefits, plants reduce stress and make the environment overall more enjoyable.  


  • PLANT (Guiana Chestnut) + BASKET SIZE
    • Height: 20"
    • Width: 4"
    • 4" diameter 
    • All plants are packed and delivered with care. We cover each one in a plant sleeve for protection, and each comes in a 6" pot in addition to the basket.
    • Live plant instructions: 
      • Water this low-light plant moderately with room temperature water. It thrives in spaces with indirect natural light. Depending on where you place your plant, water it weekly as a general guideline or when the first 1-2" of the topsoil feels dry.
    • Color: Natural, Black
    • Specs: 6"H x 5"L x 5"W 
    • Material: Rattan

*Due to the handmade nature of our pieces, there may be slight variations in size, color, and pattern from item to item. 

**For buyers in climates with freezing temperatures, a 72-hour heat pack is necessary to transport live plants. We are unable to guarantee that the live plants can survive without heat packs. Please select the option with a heat pack.

Bring the spirit of community to your home with sustainable and ethically made artisanal goods!

Introducing NEEPA HUT

NEEPA HUT is connecting communities with handwoven goods that are specially crafted to meet all of your home decor needs. From catchall baskets to woven rugs, the brand’s beautifully made collection of products brings the spirit of togetherness straight to your home. 

Values & Social Impact

NEEPA HUT makes a difference by empowering women artisans from areas in Southeast Asia that are affected by natural disasters, poverty, and overdevelopment. NEEPA HUT supports the skills and livelihoods of these artisans by promoting their traditional methods of craft making that creates one of a kind masterpieces.

About the Founder

Founder Jennifer Shum Abelev created NEEPA HUT after spending time with artisan communities in Southeast Asia. Jennifer became so inspired by these artisans that she decided to leave her career in finance and build her own brand with the artisans she had met in the hopes of sharing the spirit of community with everyone.