3 Piece Cloudware Nesting Set

 When nestled together, these bowls are a sculptural centerpiece or the ideal companions for meal prep. The blue and white swirls make these simple bowls into objects worthy of deeper examination. Cloudware is our proprietary blue and white clay, designed to echo historic Wedgwood Jasperware and mimic the blue, cloud- streaked sky of a North Carolina afternoon. Every piece captures a unique moment frozen in time-- no two are ever alike, just like the clouds on a summer day or the swirls and veins of marble.

3-Piece Set Includes

  • Dessert Bowl (6 oz / 4.25" X 3")
  • Breakfast Bowl (12 oz / 6" X 3")
  • Sharing Bowl (40 oz / 8" X 3.5")


  • Lead-free, glazed white porcelain
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Handmade by a person in NC, USA

About Haand

Haand is a Human powered craft based brand in NC, USA producing beautiful, durable, organic, modern porcelain objects used in homes, restaurants, and hotels across the country and around the world.