3 Bar Gift Box

Any three bars fit nice and snug inside this refined soft-touch box. 

Pick three:

Bourbon Cask Aged (82% cacao)

Maple & Nibs (75% cacao)

Pink Sea Salt (71% cacao)

Oat Milk (58% cacao)

Green Tea Crunch (66% cacao)

Coconut Milk (60% cacao)

Bananas Foster (66% cacao)

Ginger Snap (70% cacao)

All of our chocolate is certified organic, kosher, and non-GMO, as well as gluten, dairy, and soy free.

Delicious Unroasted Dark Chocolate

Introducing Raaka Chocolate

Raaka Chocolate makes unroasted dark chocolate that celebrates the fruitier flavor profile from bean to bar in their factory in Brooklyn using cacao beans that are transparently sourced from farmers they trust and admire.

Values & social impact

When you buy Raaka you put more money in Farmers’ pockets. Unlike modern trade certifications, they believe that farmers should be paid on merit, not market. Their transparent trade program set the industry standard for cacao transparency.

About the Founder

Nate Hodge is our co-founder and CEO. He has worked in food for the last decade and has become a sommelier in his spare time.