At Lumi, we believe you should be able to easily find gifts and brands that align with your values. So, we comb the net to find unique brands with diverse founders on a mission. We do a lot of research to make sure it's authentic and accurate. And once we confirm a Lumi-approved brand, we interview the founder to share his/her story with you.

We use 4 Key Pillars to look for mission-led brands and community partners: 

Equality / Community / Health & Wellbeing / Sustainability.

1. Empowerment

Brands that are actively promoting diversity and equal opportunity.
✔︎ BIPOC owned or Women-owned brands
✔︎ Promoting gender equality & empowerment
✔︎ Giving access to education
✔︎ Reducing wealth gap
✔︎ Fighting for social justice & Anti-racism

2. Community

Brands that are committed to their community.
✔︎ Supporting local artisans
✔︎ Activating small businesses
✔︎ Giving back to their local economies
✔︎ Advocating for fair wage & proper working conditions

3. Health & Wellbeing

Brands that pushes research and development for a healthy future.
✔︎ Using clean, natural, or organic ingredients-materials
✔︎ Supporting mental health initiatives
✔︎ Promoting self-care & positive image
✔︎ Encouraging transparency

4. Sustainability

Brands that are committed to lowering their environmental impact.
✔︎ Pushing for clean water & sanitation initiatives
✔︎ Using clean energy & offsetting its carbon emissions
✔︎ Working with recyclable material or recycled material
✔︎ Creating meaningful & durable products with material that can last a lifespan (anti-fast-fashion)
✔︎ Adopting a zero waste, or no newly-made / single-use plastic principle
✔︎ Fighting for climate action & keeping our ecosystem clean - regenerative