Wallet Tracker by Tile & Rogue Industries

Never lose your wallet again. Our slim Bluetooth-enabled wallet tracker, made in collaboration with Tile, fits perfectly in your wallet. The size of a credit cardhim hardly takes up any space. 

Simply use the free Tile smartphone app to ring your Tile when you misplace your wallet, and the Tile will play a sound, identifying your wallet's location.


- Imported

- Three-year built-in battery

- Range of 200 feet

- Waterproof

- Fits standard credit card slot at 3.38 inches x 2.1 inches x 0.09 inches

American-made, comfortable, and built to last. 

Introducing Rogue Industries

Rogue Industries is a small business that manufactures leather goods in Maine, USA.  

Values & social impact

Rogue Industries believes that the power of business is the power to change the world.  With their offices powered by renewable solar energy and their product materials sourced from sustainable leather, Rogue Industries takes sustainability seriously. 

About the Founder

Founders Michael and Wells Lyons first got the idea to start Rogue Industries when Michael started getting lower back pain from his wallets. Now, wallets are Rogue Industries’ signature piece that is known for being reliable, fashionable, and sustainable!