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Valentine’s Day is here once again, and now that we are in quarantine, it is going to take some cinematic adventures for us to get in the festive spirit. Whether you are single and in need of inspiration from strong female leads, or want to fantasize over the cutest of love stories… Here is a list of all the movies that will help you celebrate this Valentine’s day season.

1. 500 Days of Summer (2007) 💕

Although this movie may seem unconventional in the eyes of most hopeless romantics, 500 Days of Summer has all the ups and downs of a real relationship. Filled with playful and heartbreaking scenes, this story will warm your heart this V-day season. 



2. Loving (2016) 💌

A beautiful biological drama that tells the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, this movie shows us the struggles of an inter-racial marriage in the 1960s. Filled with heartbreak, strength, and love, this story will have you realize the importance of acceptance and diversity. 

3. Julie & Julia (2009) 🥧

A movie that will make you say “aw” over the relationships between the main characters and “yum,” Julie and Julia is the perfect movie to watch on a chill night with your special someone or your girlfriends. Bon Appétit!


4. Something Great (2019) 💛

Did someone say girls night? Grab your best friends and make popcorn for this year's  Galentine’s Day and turn on this movie. With laugh out loud moments, Something Great shares the value of good friendships that can help in heartbreaking times.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) 💟

Not finishing this list without an iconic throwback! A rom com that romanticizes Shakespear and has one of the fiercest female leads of a 90s movie, these characters will have you LOLing and falling in love.  Who doesn’t love a young Joseph Gordan-Levitt?


Even though we are facing a pandemic and Valentine’s Day will look a little different this year, these movies are guaranteed to leave your heart feeling all warm and gushy on the inside! Grab your loved ones, wear your favorite pink sweater & cuddle up on the couch. StoreyLine is here to get everyone in the festive mood! 💘


This piece is brought to you by yours truly, Mary Beth Flores 💖

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