#StoreyTeller Sarah Shares Her Holiday Hygge & The Importance of Community

Our #StoreyTellers are sharing with you how to bundle up and stay warm this holiday season!

Meet Sarah - a dedicated foodie and devoted activist who believes in the importance of contributing positively to her community! Sarah’s relationship with sustainability began with her Ethics in Sustainability course she took at university. From there, Sarah became more aware about how shopping can positively or negatively impact the community and environment she lived in.  

Sarah believes in making statements not just with her voice, but with her wallet too. So when it comes to shopping, it’s no secret that she chooses to buy from socially conscious vendors that use sustainable products! With StoreyLine, Sarah has her standards met and feels good about being a conscious consumer that makes positive choices for her community.

Sarah has been so kind as to put together her own holiday collection that focuses on staying warm and cozy with your loved ones, or just with your own remarkable self! Centered around comfort, this Holiday Hygge collection features Gilded’s alluring and polished candles that’ll warm you up and fill your rooms with exquisite scents. Don’t forget to warm yourself up with Autoimmunitea’s specially curated teas that’ll help you drift away into a beautiful sleep! Or if you want a restful self-care moment, look no further than the Cureist’s bath bombs which make a great stocking stuffer for your loved one (or yourself)!

Click here to shop the Holiday Hygge Collection!

"Ethically made is huge for me, and sustainable production/material is also critical. I also look at how I can help my local community as much as possible, especially women and BIPOC-owned businesses."

- #StoreyTeller Sarah
November 06, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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