Scannable memories and 3D-printed custom jewelry - With Tina from Capsul Jewelry
Our main story today is about Tina Cheng and her company, Capsul Jewelry, which celebrates life’s most joyous moments by capturing memories into every-day jewelry.

What we love the most about Capsul is that it’s not just another jewelry company - it disrupts the archaic custom jewelry industry, and brings convenience and affordability to the consumers. It’s a tech-enabled platform that captures and shares memories, starting with custom jewelry.

Tina, take us from here*.

🚊 Why I started Capsul

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur; I was the CEO of a company in Asia, grew it to 200 people, and sold it for $65M.

When I moved back to LA, I became the COO of a custom jewelry company and learned a lot about the jewelry industry. I learned that the jewelry manufacturing process is quite toxic, both to the environment and to the human body. 

I also learned just how archaic the custom jewelry industry is. I wanted to make a custom piece based on my daughter’s cute handwriting, but most traditional jewelers would only work with precious metals, because the cost of customization was so high. 

I realized that this industry was ripe for innovation with modern technology.

💡 How Capsul challenges the status quo

We are able to mass-customize jewelry at scale using the latest 3D-printing technology and are building a 3D configurator on the website, so our customers can upload their designs and get a rendering in real-time. On the back-end, a 3D-print ready file is automatically generated. This cuts down the lead time significantly and fundamentally improves the customer experience.

This big reduction in cost and time enables us to design, cast, and customize each piece with customers’ own handwriting, the sound wave of a voice, or a special name, date, or place. 

Because the cost of customization went down, we are able to offer jewelry that’s made with less pricey metal, such as brass or sterling silver, which translates to an even more affordable price point for our customers.

👀 What cool initiatives we are working on


We spent our quarantine time productively on innovations that further our mission as a tech-enabled platform that captures memories. 

We’re most excited about launching our patent-pending Computer Vision mobile app that turns each piece of jewelry into a unique “Time Capsul”. Customers can upload their favorite memories onto our platform, generate a code with a secret identifier, and use our app to scan the jewelry to playback the memories anytime and anywhere.

We are also launching the Memory Box feature on the website, where customers can add their loved ones’ birthdays and get automatically notified to create and store precious memories.


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August 19, 2020 — Minette Yu
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