Shop your values on a budget
Shop your values on a budget


There is so much going on in the world today: this is just a fact. Even without the prolonged pandemic, global climate change has brought about extreme temperatures, deforestation is happening at increasingly alarming rates, and reading about chemicals that are bad for the body has become too easy. With crises abound, companies have worked hard to produce goods and services to accommodate the times, which is great… right?
Well, yes, companies adapting to the times and aligning with causes is great, but between targeted social media ads, friends’ recommendations, and, let’s be real, a finite budget, deciding when and how to be a socially-conscious shopper is tough! However, with a little reflection on values and prioritization, championing brands looking to make changes doesn’t have to be hard on your wallet.

1. Take some time to figure out what really matters to you:

Cliche as this may sound, think about your daily routine, or even your personal identity, and priorities may already come to you! For example, if plastic use is something you try to avoid, look at companies who do the same. Youth to the People has used glass containers for years, and their foundation branch gives back to nonprofits and activists (double win!). Bite Toothpaste also figured out a way to produce toothpaste without the plastic container, and without all the chemicals of regular toothpaste.

2. Deep breath… track your spending:

Okay, so the “deep breath” is for those of you who get anxious about money (hi, you are not alone!), especially if regular spending including student loan payments or dinner deliveries because cooking sounds exhausting (we’ve all been there).
Understanding how your earnings are broken down each month, though, is useful when it comes to deciding where your designated dollars can make a difference.
Mint, owned by Intuit, is useful for allocating budgets each week or month - you can even set goals in the app! If spreadsheets are more your thing, Issue #185 of Girls’ Night In includes a budget template created by founder Alisha Ramos to help with tracking.

3. Research how brands give back:

Donations are super meaningful, though giving to every cause that tugs at our heartstrings while paying rent is… well, likely impossible.
Thankfully, companies with deep pockets can help! Check out the foundation branches of companies (see YTTP info from point one), or be on the lookout for advertisements about proceeds going to causes about which you’re passionate.
Part of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally? Parade underwear has partnered with multiple organizations to support the community, and they’re donating over 1000 pairs of underwear to LGBTQ+ centers across the U.S.

Here at StoreyLine, we’re so impressed with our community members’ dedication to social changes and activism - the world definitely needs people like you! If you have any other ideas for savvy, socially-conscious spending, or if you want to share a brand worth recognizing, let us know!

September 10, 2020 — Sarah Walton
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