How to Increase Productivity at Work (or School)

Happy back to school season! As we’re wrapping up summer vacations and returning to the office / school, what better way to ease our way back than a Back to School / Work series. Get ready for guides every week this month on everything from productivity hacks to organization tips! 

This week, we’ll be discussing productivity hacks. Let’s face it, we’ve all dealt with times when we don’t feel like going to work/school at all! Once we get there, it’s SO incredibly hard to concentrate. Does that sound about right? Well, fret not! We got 4 tips to share that will get you focusing. 

1. Make a To-Do list 📝

First, before you even touch your work, take out a blank piece of paper and jot down your to-do’s for the work session. Don’t start writing all the stuff you need to complete for the week, this will only overwhelm you. Did you know many people have trouble starting because they’re so overwhelmed with WHAT tasks to complete. By writing them down, you have a CLEAR visual of what you need to accomplish for the day. 

2. Listen to Instrumental Music 🎵

Turning on background music to listen to while you’re doing work can keep you concentrated on the work for a longer period of time. Instrumental music for studying and working is perfect to keep you away from distractions! When we’re listening to our favorite artists, we often get distracted and sing along to the lyrics. Thus, swapping for instrumental music is perf!

There’s a ton of cool studying / working playlist on YouTube you can check out! With a variety of genres such as Chill Lo-fi, Jazz, Disney Piano, and even Harry Potter Ambient Music!

A few of our favorites! 

Harry Potter Ambient Music 

Disney Relaxing Piano Collection 

Lofi Hip Hop / Chill Beats

3. Set Timers (Try the Pomodoro Technique) 🍅

Let’s be real, to say we’re going to work for 5 hours straight doesn’t sound appealing at all. It actually sounds dreadful. So, how can you be productive? Set timers for breaks! Allow yourself to take a breather by either setting times to take a break or follow the Pomodoro Technique for clear structure. 

What is the Pomodoro Technique? 🙌

  1. Set a timer for 25 minutes to work 
  2. Work 
  3. Break for 5 minutes 
  4. Repeat 4 times and every 4th time, take a 20 minute break

This is super effective for people who have trouble concentrating over a long period of time. Head to for more deets on this method as well as a Pomodoro Technique Timer itself!

4. Reward Yourself at the End of the Day 🧡🧡

Last but definitely not least, remember to reward yourself after a day of productivity! Even if you didn’t complete everything you were supposed to. Why? Because rewarding yourself for giving 100% effort and trying is so important. At the end of the day, we’re all humans and some days will be better than others. You got up and tried, that’s enough! 

Reward yourself with a self-care night routine! You can add in a night cup of tea with tea blends from AutoimmuniTea. They have blends helping to improve sleep, reduce inflammation, stress, etc!

Anxiety & Stress Support Tea

Sleep Support Tea

So, what does your night routine entail, let us know in the comments! 

August 10, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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